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Volunteer opportunities - 2020 


From April through October, apprentices will have the opportunity to learn how to manage honey bee colonies in an urban rooftop educational apiary.  


Apprentices will be provided regular opportunities to learn and help to manage bee colonies all over Los Angeles at hotels, restaurants, retail stores, private residences, community gardens and such. Expectations of apprentice/intern include a strong work ethic and a deep interest in bees.

Occasional bee stings are an unavoidable hazard of this job.

Each candidate is required to have their own bee suit and required tools after the first month.

Beekeeper apprenticeship / intern LA - Part Time / HANDS ON OPPORTUNITIES WILL INCLUDE:

  • Hive Building

  • Hive and Bee installations

  • Hive Inspections & maintenance

  • Swarm management & capture

  • Disease prevention & treatment

  • Splitting & combining hives

  • Hive relocation

  • Feral bee hive removal

  • Honey harvesting

  • Honey extracting

The apprenticeship/internship is specifically designed to give individuals the experience needed to become comfortable and confident around bees and the knowledge to become a successful beekeeper.

Individuals will receive ample opportunity to practice methods of sustainable beekeeping and understand honey production.

Beekeeping experience not necessary, will train the right candidate.

Call/Text: 310-906-0179

Mihai Iuga, beekeeper

​​Beekeeper Volunteer Liability Release Form and Waiver of Liability (download pdf)


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