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ADOPTING / HOSTING HONEY BEES - Adopt a Beehive in your / our Backyard 

How to contribute - If you have an organic farm, a pesticide-free large yard or garden, an area full of fruit trees or native flowering plants, a flat roof with flowering vegetation nearby, you have the perfect home for honeybees. 

Pollination services - The bees and equipment remain ours but in return you'll reap the benefits of pollination without the training and hassle of opening a hive full of bees. 

Rewards - Once the colony produces more honey than the bees need, we'll extract the extra honey and share two pounds of raw treatment free honey with you per hive. 

Benefits - By hosting a honeybee hive in your own backyard, you can do your part to help save the honey bees one colony at a time. 

Hosting a hive is a great way to help increase the honeybee population in your local area.



  • ONE honey beehive on our property

  • Pollination benefits for the local community where our bee yards are located

  • Four pounds of honey per hive, delivered in the fall. We separate harvests by location, and barring unusual hive issues will supply you with honey from your yard.

  • Informal educational opportunity from an experienced beekeeper, and the opportunity to observe honey bees right in your own yard.

  • Invitations to three open-houses at our own hives and shop, where you can gain hands-on experience inspecting hives, building woodenware, extracting or bottling honey.



  • One beehive $75 a month / $600 year. This helps cover the costs (accounting for annual depletion) of the bees and the wooden hives; plus tools, time, and insurance.

  • A portion also covers related costs for hives in community spaces and free classes for youth

Hosting steps - Spring / Summer / Fall

  1. Make donation to reserve two Nuc of Bees 

  2. Purchase the necessary bee equipment and tools 

  3. Install the new bees into your hives 

  4. Maintenance and beekeeping classes 

  5. Monthly beekeeping meetings

  6. Harvesting early summer 

Adoptions may be made in your own name, or you may designate another person to receive a gift adoption along with all the program benefits. Adopting a beehive for a child or a classroom is a great lesson in sustainability for the next generation!

You can help us save honey bees by making a donation via Go Fund Me campaign. 





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